Multivitamin Injection

  • SALES:  1850000  Bottles
  • DOSAGE FORM:  Injection
  • CLASSIFICATION:   Nutritional
  • TARGET ANIMAL:   Cattle,Sheep,Goat,Dog,Cat
  • CONTENT:   See description Please
  • MOQ:   5000 Bottles
  • PACKING:  250ml,100ml,50ml,10ml

    Each ml contains

    Retinyl palmitate (A)   2,000IU

    Cholecalciferol (D3)    2,000IU

    Alpha-tocopherol acetate (E)  4mg

    Thiamine HCl (B1)  10mg

    Riboflavin phosphate sodium (B2)  1mg

    Pyridoxine HCl (B6)   5mg

    Cyanocobalamin (B12)   0.01mg

    Nicotinamide (B3)   10mg

    D-Panthenol (B5)   1mg

    Biotin   10mcg


    Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiency in cattle, horse and sheep, caused by increased requirements due to stress or illness, growth, production or performance. Decreased intake due to inferior feed quality, inappetence or general weakness.
    Dosage and Administration
    By subcutaneous, intramuscular or slow intravenous injection on alternate days.
    Cattle, Horse, Sheep: 1ml/10-15kg of body weight.
    Withdrawal Time
    Storage and Expired Time
    Store in a cool, dry and dark place
    3 years

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